Hershey's Farm Market, Chester and Lancaster county grown produce, deer processing, dog treats, dutch bakery, homestyle deli, specialty meats, sandwiches, seafood.

959 S. Octorara Trail, Rt 10
Parkesburg, PA 19365
(610) 857-5053
Hershey's Farm Market, Chester and Lancaster county grown produce, deer processing, dog treats, dutch bakery, homestyle deli, specialty meats, sandwiches, seafood.
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Hershey's Farm Market
Hershey's Farm Market   :   Testimonials

Best Market in the WORLD!

Not only is all of the product top shelf, every person who has helped me is over and above the line of service. I feel like I'm at home with the staff here. Thank you for such great service.
Darlene Hess

My wife and I come from Wisconsin to visit family in Oxford, PA. We always make sure we get to Hershey's Farm Market before we head home. We love the wide selection of products and the great taste as well!
Jon and Shari Good

I was on Rt. 95 and exited heading towards Parkesburg. There was a car in front of me. I just putted along behind and guess where she turned? Right into Hershey's Farm Market! Your destination marketplace!
Lee Schlingmann

Love U! Big Fan! I like all the ice cream and goodies. Yum! They are so good! Love,
Audrey Wolfe, Grade 3

I like the variety of food and the delicious stuff in the deli and bakery.
Carolyn Spotts

Wish you were closer to my front door. I would buy more often. I am here as much as possible. Can't wait to try all your new lunch menu options. Thanks,
Liz Tomasko

I love your Products from Bobs RedMill; Steel Cut Oats are the best for digestion. Also Scottish Oats: Full of all the vitamins & nutrients you need. Thanks, Add- Peanut Butter & Honey! WOW!

We come all the way from California for the beef jerky! My dad is from East Fallowfield and we come back to enjoy PA's finest.
Willie Gordon

I love the Fresh Vegetables, and special local food items that I've never seen at other stores. The Deli Meals & Soups combined with wonderful Baked Goods allow me to have an "instant" dinner to take home- much better than I ever seem to be able to make myself!!! Thank you!

Best meat packages and prices in town.
Jessica Kent

My first time here and WOW! What a great place to shop, No Waiting!

Every time I come here I get hungry. J The food is awesome.
Alexa Bash

I love the freshness of the Food! And the Staff is so kind and helpful I love this market. Keep up the good work!
Syreeta Augustine J

Your meats are of exception all quality. The package foods are always fresh and your staff is courteous and efficient.

It has very polite staff it doesn't take long and has a variety of different choices. Thank you.
Michael McLoed

I like how plight the workers are and I'm here because I do not want to go to Wal-Mart.

Besides the wholesome atmosphere; the food is fantastic and the best chicken corn soup ever! My son travels from New York City just to take it home.
Gabrielle Kote

We Love the fresh meats, lunch meat and salads. The jumbo hot dogs are really good. Great selection of specialty grocery items.
Charles and Rene Anderson

I like toasted marshmallows.

I love this store.

Hershey's Market has great meats, delicious salads and a wonderful staff. A personal touch that is most in the big store. Try the jumbo hot dogs they are the best.
Patricia Ault

First time here. I love it! All your healthy selections make me want to cook. I will be back!
Cheryl Bowman

I love the convenience of Hershey's Farm Market; great produce, dry goods, meat & seafood. I'd take it any day over one of those huge grocery stores.
Anna Buler

The men that worked the meat counter 4/9/11 were wonderful.
Chrissy Ryzanawski

Best fresh meat I ever tasted.
Nicholas Hilton

I like... how everything is organized. And the low prices.
Lexy Fetterman

Best fresh meat I've ever tasted.
Kayla Hilton

Great people, fresh produce, deli & meats & delicious baked goods.
Debbie Regener

You are friendly and I can go in by myself.
Abigail Bridges

My family loves your fresh meats and fruits.

You're awesome.

For the holidays a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing is a must. i added coconut custard pie this year and i have to say, it was the best EVER!! Thank you so much for everything as always.

Hershey's Farm Market is a place where large families can get great food without breaking a budget.
Shannen Bickiny

Hershey's Farm Market is always seeking to improve in every area: product offerings, attractive store appearance, fantastic customer service! Hershey's is a blessing to the Octorara area! Way to go folks!!
Bernadette Cazillo

The meat is always fresh and the service is wonderful. Thank you!
Celeste Seymour

We shop here more than we do the grocery store. The baked goods, the deli, the meat, and seafood are just wonderful. We have never purchased anything that wasn't wonderfully good. They will custom cut your meat if you want. All the employees are so friendly.
Judy and Chip Miller

I really like yall lunch meat and cheese, it's good. Plus I get my Daily Bread to read from here.

Awesome everything. I love this store! Don't ever go away.
Karen A. Boland

I see you now sell Zook's Beef and Chicken Pot Pies - I have been eating these for a couple of years! They are absolutely THE BEST! Good luck & Have a great holiday season!!
G. Mumford, Gap, PA

The home baked dog treats- my grandpuppy loves them!

Hershey's Farm Market   :   Testimonials